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 Area Officer Application Guide 2017

2017 Leadership Camp Dates

Area I and II, July 5-7

Area III, July 10-12
Area IV, July 17-19

The Area Leadership Camp and Teacher In-service programs will be held at the Louisiana Department of

Education Recreation Youth Center near Bunkie on the following dates.  We promise another exciting,

fun-filled and educational week for your chapter representatives!


NOTE: All activities will be completed on Wednesday afternoon of each week.  Chapters are required to stay until after the banquet on the final day.



 Please click on the link at the top of this page. Your completed registration will automatically be sent to our

office, and a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox.  Again, please do NOT send money with the

registration information. Chapters will be paying on-site. If paying with personal checks, please write the

name of your chapter on the memo line. If paying with cash, please bring exact change. Pre-registration is

due by Friday, June 23, 2017 Please contact the FFA Office to Register if registering on the 23rd.


Note: For all other information regarding online registration click HERE.


For Camp Packing List click here.


Fishing Pond and Hiking Trails

Through the hard work and efforts of the camp staff, the fishing pond and the hiking trails on the southeast

edge of the property have been renovated.  Upon arrival at camp, the allowable times for visiting this area

will be communicated.  Students must also be accompanied by an adult at all times.  In the case of the pond,

campers must bring their own fishing poles and bait.  It is catch and release only.


Advisors are required to bring their students’ health forms with them.  Please keep these forms in your

possession at all times. This form is available on the Louisiana FFA website.


Teachers bringing students of the opposite gender must make arrangements among themselves to secure a

chaperone with teachers of the same gender or a chaperone from the school of the same gender. In the past,

several chapters assumed a teacher would chaperone their students and one teacher wound up chaperoning

more than one cabin of students.  This is not acceptable. Agriculture teachers who have agreed to chaperone

for other chapters must keep us informed as to which chapter and number of students you will be chaperoning.


Please note the following very important information received from Mr. Chris Hines, Director of the Youth Center:

According to Act 29 of the 1955 Louisiana Legislature, each cottage must have one (1) adult chaperone for every 15 students.  Therefore, there must be a male chaperone or female chaperone for each cottage according to the enrollment figures of male and female registrants.  This will be a strict policy of the Center that males will be separated from females and chaperoned according to the State Statutes.  Chaperones should be 21 years or older. 

The Center cannot allow anyone who has not reached his/her tenth birthday by May 15, 2014, to attend this conference  without special authorization in writing by the Office of School and Community Support (OSCS).  All commuters or those attending for a shorter period than the full conference will be assessed the same price.


In accordance with action taken by the State FFA Executive Committee in April 2001, refunds MUST be

requested in writing postmarked no later than October 1. Every effort will be made to give refunds by the