Chapter Website Assistance

How to set up a chapter website:

Why should I consider having a chapter website?

A chapter website is a great tool to keep members and parents informed of events, advertise activities to people outside of the FFA, and offer a platform much like a business for fundraising and other similar events.

How do I create a chapter website?

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Get Started” button on the home page.
  3. Click “Start with a website”
  4. Choose a theme. Keep in mind, you can change this later.
  5. Give your site an address. This is what your url will be, so make it relevant to your page.

FOR EXAMPLE: typing: laffa into the search bar will pull up all not-taken site name options that use that keyword you enter.

  1. Choose your plan. We recommend the free plan, but if you do have the resources to pay for a website, by all means, go for it.
  2. Create your account.
  3. Play around with the design tools and input important information for your chapter such as upcoming events, due dates, etc.


Social Media Assistance


Why should I start a social media page for my chapter?

Social media offers an excellent opportunity to recruit members, share your chapter’s events and accomplishments, and advertise various events to gain attendance. Social media is becoming more popular than ever! It’s a great tool to start “branding” your FFA chapter and getting more people and members involved.


Which social media site should I use?

There are many different social media pages to use that are accessible on both the computer and smartphone device. A few popular options are:

  • Facebook (this is often used by adults/young adults and is an excellent page for an alumni chapter or getting people to sign up for events your chapter hosts)
  • Instagram (this allows you to post a photo and a caption, is seemingly one of the most popular sites, and allows you to also post a bio about your chapter- along with a website link if your chapter has a website or blog)
  • Twitter (this is also one of the most popular platforms and allows for photos and captions)
  • Snapchat (only accessible via app, allows for “stories” that are videos posted for others to view. Can caption videos and use fun emojis and other features like filters on the video “story”)


What is acceptable to be posted on social media (and when should we post)?

Oftentimes, the chapter reporter, any chapter officer, or the chapter officer team collectively is selected to run and manage the social media pages. Make sure they are aware of what to post and what NOT to post.

  • Make sure every post is appropriate and represents the FFA well!
  • Watch grammar, punctuation, and clarity. Having a well-written post is professional and effective!
  • Regularly update. Try not to begin a social media page and forget about it. This ruins the purpose and effectiveness of your page! You have to post regularly, but not too much. There is a fine balance of keeping students engaged and updated and becoming annoying and over-posting. Try to post no more than once daily and no less than once a week.