Keynote Speaker: Dennard Mitchell
          “Leadership On A Whole New Level”                                                                  
This workshop is a gold mine for student leaders with the aspirations to become successful leaders now and in the future. Whether it’s working with different personalities, resolving conflict, overcoming fears, or simply improving communication skills. Next Level Leadership is right for you!



Picture2Dr. Kristen Stair and Dr. Joey Blackburn                                  

“Geaux Teach?     

Are Ag Education classes your favorite part of going to school? Do you think working with agriculture and FFA members would be a great way to start everyday? In this workshop, we will look at what makes a great Ag teacher, hear from those who want to be Ag teachers, and even visit with some of Louisiana’s BEST Ag teachers to find out what it means to Geaux Teach Ag!



National Officer: Valerie Earley

Workshop: “The Power Train”

Together, we will discover the power each person has and how we can use our power to change the world in big and small ways.

Knesha Rose-Davison MPH

Workshop: “Cover up! Head to Toe Personal Protective Equipment”

Safety Googles, Ear Plugs, Gloves?! Do I really need those?! This interactive session will  highlight common farm exposures,  the risks and let students use proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to help them stay safe! We will cover long and short term damage, education on  various hazards, effective ways to prevent exposures through PPE use, and demonstration of appropriate selection of PPE. Free  PPE (safety equipment) will be provided  to all participants during this interactive session!


Natalie Roy MPH (426x640)

Workshop: “Where Y’ at- Using Mapping to Define Hazards in Agriculture”

Are you creative? Do you like to draw? This workshop is for you! Bring your talents  to this workshop and  create a large scaled Hazard Map of a common agriculture work-site.  You will draw your own hazard map and discuss various hazards with your peers . This exercise will  help you  identify and prevent common agricultural injuries. Free materials and safety gear will be provided during this interactive session!


Workshop: “Building Your Personal Brand”

Developing your personal brand can set you apart as a leader among your peers. This interactive presentation led by the LSU College of Agriculture will help you transform your personal brand and enhance your leadership skills.




Brad Leger head shotunnamedPic for NAAE Teacher Mentor Award

Sadie White (1) (360x640)

Workshop: “Louisiana, USA Meets Liberia, West Africa: Creating FFA Linkages Across the Altanic”

Would you like to . . .

Develop a broader perspective of global agriculture and become more culturally aware? Develop friendships with diverse groups of people who share a common interest in agriculture? Be part of history by linking your local chapter with newly-forming Future Farmer Associations located in Liberia, West Africa?

During this exciting, informative session, students and advisors will have the opportunity to learn about how your chapter can connect with fellow future agricultural leaders from the continent of Africa.




Layni LeBlanc


Workshop: “We Sea Sucess”

We are going to dive into the sea of opportunities in the FFA so we can make waves of positive change within our organization. Surf’s up!





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