Displaying Kyle Scheele Headshot.jpgKyle Schelee

Keynote Speaker: Kyle Schelee
          “REVERSE-ENGINEERING YOUR STORY”                                                                  
Once you decide to live a good story, what happens next? How do you decide what to do with your life? And once you decide, how do you get there? The answer lies in reverse engineering. In this workshop, I help students “begin with the end in mind,” backtracking step-by-step to plan out the right path to reach their dream.



Picture2Dr. Kristen Stair and Dr. Joey Blackburn                                  

“Do you love the FFA?     

Are Ag Education classes your favorite part of going to school? Do you think working with agriculture and FFA members would be a great way to start everyday? In this workshop, we will look at what makes a great Ag teacher, hear from those who want to be Ag teachers, and even visit with some of Louisiana’s BEST Ag teachers to find out what it means to Geaux Teach Ag!




National Officer: Sydney Snider

Workshop: “Destination AWESOME”

Together we will take a road trip to Destination AWESOME! Our first stop will be in the village of ME to discover our strengths. We’ll then head to the town of SO to dive deeper in to why those strengths are important. Our trip will end in the city or WE as we develop a plan to use our strenghts to help others.