The Delegate Process has allowed members and chapters to have a much stronger voice in the Louisiana Association of FFA.  The following issues submitted by chapters have been reviewed at the annual State Leadership Delegates’ Conference. They will be forwarded to the 88th Louisiana FFA State Convention Delegate Process:


 Prospective Delegate Issue Form 


Issue 1:

Louisiana FFA shall reinstate the State Officer Business and Industry Tour or a similar event to meet with and engage current and prospective stakeholders of the Association over the summer. These stakeholders shall be those that provide financial, in-kind, legislative, or educational support.

Submitted By:  Ponchatoula 

Issue 2: 

To adopt the National Officer Candidate Selection processed that was developed and implemented in 2016-2017 for all future years.

Submitted By: Springfield

Issue 3: 

To create a task force to investigate programs and activities to increase the overall membership of our State Association.

Submitted by: Springfield

Issue 4: 

To evaluate the effectiveness of our Area Officers teams, to investigate how their roles support the mission of the Louisiana FFA Association, and how those roles can be enhanced to assist with the growth of the Association and with the leadership development of the Area Officers.

Submitted by:  Springfield

Louisiana FFA Constitution

Delegate Process Flowchart



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