Unit One: Introduction to AgricultureLesson PlanPowerpoint
1. Orientation to the Agriscience ProgramP1-1
2. Career Opportunities in the Agriculture IndustryP1-2
3. The Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) ProgramP1-3
4. Introduction to Agricultural Portfolio DevelopmentL1-4a
5. Classroom/Lab Safety and ManagementL1-5P1-5
6. Problem-SolvingL1-6P1-6
Unit Two: Agricultural Leadership/FFALesson PlanPowerpoint
1. Introduction to the National FFA OrganizationL2-1P2-1
2. Individual/Team Development Through FFA OpportunitiesL2-2P2-2
3. Development of Interpersonal SkillsL2-3P2-3
4. Parliamentary ProcedureL2-4P2-4
Unit Three: Animal Science
1. Animal Anatomy and PhysiologyL3-1P3-1
2. Animal Selection Based on Physiology and GeneticsL3-2P3-2
3. Disease and ParasitesL3-3
4. Animal NutritionL3-4
5. Career Options in Animal Science**
Unit Four: Soil Science
1. Soil FormationL4-1P4-1
2. Soil PropertiesL4-2P4-2
3. Chemical and Biological Properties of the SoilL4-3P4-3
Unit Five: Energy
1. Energy Usage in AgricultureL5-1P5-1
2. Sources of EnergyL5-2
3. Alternative Energy Sources for AgricultureL5-3P5-3
Unit Six: Plant Science
1. Plant GrowthL6-1
2. Plant EnvironmentL6-2P6-2
3. Pest Control, Weeds, Insects and DiseasesL6-3
Unit Seven: Food Science Technology
1. History and Trends of Food ProcessingL7-1P7-1
2. Chemical and Biological Food DeteriorationL7-2P7-2
3. Food Processing Methods**P7-3
Unit Eight: Agricultural Mechanics
1. IntroductionL8-1
2 SafetyL8-2P8-2
3. Woodworking/ConstructionL8-3P8-3
4. ElectricityL8-4
5. Cold Metals/Light Welding
6. Small Engine TechnologyL8-6
7. Arc WeldingL8-7