212° & 360° Conference

The National FFA Organization provides excellent resources to FFA members who wish to further develop their

leadership skills and potential.  Two conferences, 212° and 360°, are offered each year in Louisiana by presenters

from National FFA.  These two-day events teach members the value of discovering one’s own leadership abilities,

and members are offered ways to put these leadership skills into practice.  The conferences are action-packed,

engaging, and worth your while to attend!  The conference dates vary each year and are announced in the summer.

212-360 Registration Information

212-360 Registration



Washington Leadership Conference (WLC)

In addition to these conferences, National FFA also offers Washington Leadership Conference (WLC), an amazing five-

day conference in Washington, DC that develops leadership skills while focusing on applying leadership to service.  Not

only will you grow as a leader, but you will also meet FFA members from around the country and spend time visit our

nation’s capital.  To learn more about how you can experience WLC, visit this link on the National FFA website: 

National FFA Washington Leadership Conference

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